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  • Other than receiving profits from donations, grants and merchandise, how else does The Fyndamentals brand intend to receive compensation?
    A great amount of The Fyndamentals success is based on the success of our 7 sister brands. Once each brand meets their minimum goal the subsidiary brand is required to donate 5-15 percent of that months earning.
  • How does The Fyndamentals 7 subsidiaries companies work together?
    Each of the 7 brands/companies are individual brands and can function independently however they all play an important role in each brands independent success. The flow-charts below display’s how the business work with each other internally as well as from a customer service point of view. *This is an example of all the brands working together.
  • Does The Fyndamentals brands share money amongst each other?
    No, each brand works independently from each other. Some brands however will provide the other brand with a referral fee. The referral fee ensures that the brand is receiving compensation for generating the sales lead.
  • What are plans for the future of The Fyndamentals?
    We are always checking the latest trends and listening to what our customers, clients, employees, and contractors have to say. When needed we will make changes along the way to ensure that our users have the best experience while on our various platforms. As we grow, we intend to grow our staff. Because our platforms rely on our users to assist us in growing our brands, we plan to apply improvements as well as additional incentives to rewards those individuals who support our brands.
  • What does The Fyndamentals use their funds on?
    For, The Fyndamentals to support our subsidiary brands we use a portion of our proceeds to market our brands. The Fyndamentals executes numerous of pop-up events in addition to their annual community event. During our annual event two entrepreneurs will be granted money towards funding their business. We use funds obtained to support these events.Lastly,2 percent of funds received every month is donated to The Creators Fund. The Creator Fund is designed to award creators for contributing content on all our platforms.
  • What products and or services does The Fyndamentals offer?
    The Fyndamentals Corporation is structure to provide opportunities for those who may not have prior knowledge in the freelance arena. One of our goals is to assist and cultivate aspiring creators and entrepreneurs in any business industry. In doing so we participate in weekly –monthly local Pop-Up Events (April -Sept)typically at flea markets in the local area as well as our yearly event “Cycle Art” where we award entrepreneurs with money towards their business as well as bring awareness on the importance of recycling. During these events we sell merchandise, educate event goers on our affiliate’s brands and services, conduct raffles, giveaways, and donation drives. In addition to the sell of merchandise online and in person The Fyndamentals receives compensation from sponsored advertisement on their social media accounts (Facebook & Instagram).
  • What is The Fyndamentals targeted audience?
    The Fyndamentals targeted audience is the same as our sister brands. Between the age of 18-99. We chose this age group because research shows that this is the age group that use products and services like ours.
  • What is the Fyndamentals?
    Created in 2020, The Fyndamentals(also referred to as The Fyndamentals Corporation)is a Social Enterprise, Non-Profit business. The Fyndamentals mission is to create brands/products that assist entrepreneurs including aspiring creators with balancing their home and work life balance. The Fyndamentals is the parent company to 7 sister(/subsidiaries)companies. We believe in building a virtual community that inspires and provides positive changes in the real world.
  • What makes The Fyndamentals a social enterprise brand?
    The Fyndamentals believes in building a virtual community that inspires and provides positive changes in the real world. Now more than every is the time for the world to unite and to look at how were treating one another as well as the world. Because of this, therefore our annual event is to bring awareness about the important of recycling. Our brands provide support across the board that extends to our customers, clients, employees, and contractors. Our mission is to make a change in the virtual space that transfers to the real world.
  • What are The Fyndamentals 7 subsidiaries companies?
    Building Rome, Boxy Trends, Extremely Couped, Positively Famous, Medi Staffing, Virtual Hustlers and Mr. Event Space. •Building Rome-provides a platform where business owners to come and get the business services that they need. •Positively Famous-is our entertainment platform where we discuss only the positive aspects of celebrity news. •Medi Staffing-Recruiters will be given a targeted area to find candidates to fulfill job postings in the medical fields. •Boxy Trends–Start an at home subscription-based business without any prior business knowledge. •Virtual Hustlers–Independent Contractors perform various tasks such as video creation and blog content. •Mr. Event Space–Virtual showcase for event spaces throughout the United States. •Extremely Couped–Get daily discount codes, freebies, and coupons.
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